Small private house in Harju parish

Small private house in Harju parish   The client wanted constant air circulation in their newly renovated log house to prevent mould and damage. For this purpose, the client chose our Sol Fresh Premium ventilation unit with heat recovery, which can be configured to ventilate, heat and cool rooms and which works together with our […]

Vango farm

Vango farm Vango Imedemaa, a farmstay in a beautiful place in Pärnu County, had a problem with humidity in the kitchen. . We solved this problem with the solar air heater (SOL Fresh 65 – Electric). This unique and original building, which was once a threshing barn, needed a special approach. In addition, the house […]

Vabaduse farm

Vabaduse farm The residents wanted more air in their rooms and smaller heating bills. So, we installed the Sol Fresh Premium 80 with an indoor heat exchanger to make the solar thermal panel even more efficient and profitable. We also installed a Mitsubishi air-to-air heat pump. With these two devices, the building has ventilation, supplementary […]

Tähe 111 – complete solution

Tähe 111 – complete solution The apartment building at Tähe 111 is a project where we have brought together different energy solutions that work in harmony with each other. Such an apartment building is the first of its kind in Estonia and completely unique in terms of its environmental sustainability and maximisation of solar energy. […]

Summerhouse in Virtsu

Summerhouse in Virtsu We installed a SOL Fresh 40 BASIC solar-air heating panel in the cottage, which provides passive ventilation in the rooms. According to the owner, the children were then able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, which had previously been disturbed by the lack of air in the house. In addition, we also […]

Salmistu gym

Salmistu gym- Solar SmartAHU We built a multi-functional hybrid solution (Solar Smart AHU) for the mini gym. This system allows the building to be efficiently ventilated and heated by the sun at any possible and necessary moment. If the sun and the heat exchanger are not enough, electric heating can be used. We also restored […]

Pakri Industrial park

Pakri Industrial park In the Pakri Industrial Park, illuminated signage uses the sun to help generate heat and ventilate the building. It’s a good example of how illuminated advertising doesn’t have to be just a board on the wall that consumes electricity, but a useful cost-saving tool. The same technology can also be used on […]

Mooste energy cart

Mooste energy cart A building in Mooste needed ventilation and warm air circulation. However, it was not possible to install a solution on the façade as it was a heritage-listed building. We figured out an exciting solution: to install solar-thermal collectors on a real carriage frame, which blends in well with the surrounding manor atmosphere. […]