A healthy indoor climate

More productive waking hours and better sleep.

An investment

Plus-energy ventilation solutions with a short payback period.

Environmental care

We maximise solar energy in building ventilation and energy solutions.

A house that helps you breathe at your own pace, with the right indoor climate for your family. A space with a comprehensive energy solution provides a healthy and supportive environment when you’re at your home office, relaxing or doing intense exercise.

We always look at your house as a whole, with ventilation, heating and cooling working in harmony with each other and integrated solar solutions. In this way, a suitable temperature and a constant exchange of air are created in an environmentally friendly way.

In addition to a complete, functional energy solution, our plus-energy ventilation system helps you save on energy costs by producing extra energy on sunny days. The building is transformed from an energy consumer to an energy producer.

How it works?

On sunny days, solar panels on the roof of the house generate the electricity needed to heat or cool the rooms. Solar-air heating collectors provide supplementary heating and also heat domestic hot water. Any electricity and heat that the house is not currently able to use is stored in batteries. If there is still electricity left over, it will be returned to the grid. This solution brings all the pieces together and is an investment in your home or industrial building.

Rising energy prices have less of an impact on the wallet

By using solar energy, the share of grid energy consumption in the household decreases. Less dependence on energy prices — more enjoyment of life.

More flexible energy consumption

We can produce more energy ourselves with the help of the sun, use and store it as needed. More being in harmony with nature and contributing to environmental protection.

With our ventilation equipment, you can create a better indoor climate and achieve lower energy consumption. We offer a wide range of products for this very purpose. . In order to create a comprehensive energy solution and maximise the use of solar energy, we will work with you to design a plan that will work as efficiently as possible in that particular building. It is possible to create a comprehensive energy solution for your building, both at the design stage and later, by making existing systems more energy efficient.

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