Tähe 111 - complete solution

The apartment building at Tähe 111 is a project where we have brought together different energy solutions that work in harmony with each other. Such an apartment building is the first of its kind in Estonia and completely unique in terms of its environmental sustainability and maximisation of solar energy. All building materials have also been chosen to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Solar energy (both electricity and thermal) and flexible energy management play an important role.

We designed the entire system, which consists of air-to-water heat pumps together with a ventilation unit, for which we have created a software solution that manages the whole building with smart technology. In addition, the building generates electricity from the sun and, through solar-thermal heating, produces heat that is used for heating or domestic hot water.

Energy batteries are also planned for the building, and when the building’s energy needs are met and there is energy left over, an electric car can be charged.

The smart building interacts with the surrounding environment to easily sell off surplus energy when needed.

The comprehensive solution reduces energy costs while ensuring a good indoor climate.