Our goal

Innovative. Quality. Environmental.

Established in 2009, Sol Navitas OÜ is an Estonian technology company. We started out by manufacturing and installing solar air heating panels for private houses and cottages. By now, our activities have expanded and our mission is to look at each building as a whole and provide the client with the most suitable solar energy solution that creates a healthy indoor climate and is also environmentally and financially friendly. We want everyone to breathe well at home, at work, at school and at kindergarten: wherever they happen to be. Depending on the building, we integrate different solar energy solutions such as heating and cooling, ventilation, heat storage and electricity. At the same time, we continue to offer ventilation systems with solar air heating panels that are perfectly suited to our climate conditions, and which we have developed further over the years. Our longer-term vision is for grid-connected and intelligent buildings that can adjust their energy production according to the weather and energy needs. Our team is made up of committed world changers with international experience, backed by strong partners from universities and industrial campuses in Estonia and around the world.

Why us?