Summerhome in Vihterpalu

Summerhome in Vihterpalu The client approached us with a desire to reduce the energy costs during the winter period in their year-round summer cottage. The main heating system used there is infrared radiators, and we added remote control capability to them so that the building could be heated based on need. We installed the Sol […]

Home in Pärnu

Home in Pärnu An older homeowner wanted to install ventilation and additional heating in their home to make their living environment more comfortable and reduce the need for heating with wood. The pictures were taken in April and show the system blowing 33.3-degree air into the room.

Summer cottage in Võsu

Summer cottage in Võsu The customer approached us with a concern that their cottage is too cold and damp. Our Sol Fresh Basic 80 air heating collector, which runs on solar panels, is able to raise the indoor temperature and reduce humidity. Therefore, we installed the Sol Fresh Basic 80 model in their Võsu cottage. […]

Small private house in Harju parish

Small private house in Harju parish   The client wanted constant air circulation in their newly renovated log house to prevent mould and damage. For this purpose, the client chose our Sol Fresh Premium ventilation unit with heat recovery, which can be configured to ventilate, heat and cool rooms and which works together with our […]

Vabaduse farm

Vabaduse farm The residents wanted more air in their rooms and smaller heating bills. So, we installed the Sol Fresh Premium 80 with an indoor heat exchanger to make the solar thermal panel even more efficient and profitable. We also installed a Mitsubishi air-to-air heat pump. With these two devices, the building has ventilation, supplementary […]