Tähe 111 – complete solution

Tähe 111 – complete solution The apartment building at Tähe 111 is a project where we have brought together different energy solutions that work in harmony with each other. Such an apartment building is the first of its kind in Estonia and completely unique in terms of its environmental sustainability and maximisation of solar energy. […]

Piesta applefarm

Piesta applefarm The owner of the Farmers’ Market had a concern: when the sun comes out in summer, the room gets too warm because of the many windows. We installed a solar-electric panel on the roof of the building, which uses solar energy to power a cooling fan. The air enters the room through the […]

Tohvri care home

Tohvri care home In care homes, ventilation is certainly of paramount importance to ensure a healthy indoor climate. In the Tohvri care home, we upgraded the existing ventilation system and installed solar-air heating panels in the air intake vent of the ventilation unit to allow preheating. This makes the whole air exchange process more efficient […]