Summerhome in Vihterpalu

Summerhome in Vihterpalu The client approached us with a desire to reduce the energy costs during the winter period in their year-round summer cottage. The main heating system used there is infrared radiators, and we added remote control capability to them so that the building could be heated based on need. We installed the Sol […]

Summer cottage in Võsu

Summer cottage in Võsu The customer approached us with a concern that their cottage is too cold and damp. Our Sol Fresh Basic 80 air heating collector, which runs on solar panels, is able to raise the indoor temperature and reduce humidity. Therefore, we installed the Sol Fresh Basic 80 model in their Võsu cottage. […]

Vango farm

Vango farm Vango Imedemaa, a farmstay in a beautiful place in Pärnu County, had a problem with humidity in the kitchen. . We solved this problem with the solar air heater (SOL Fresh 65 – Electric). This unique and original building, which was once a threshing barn, needed a special approach. In addition, the house […]

Summerhouse in Virtsu

Summerhouse in Virtsu We installed a SOL Fresh 40 BASIC solar-air heating panel in the cottage, which provides passive ventilation in the rooms. According to the owner, the children were then able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, which had previously been disturbed by the lack of air in the house. In addition, we also […]

Salmistu gym

Salmistu gym- Solar SmartAHU We built a multi-functional hybrid solution (Solar Smart AHU) for the mini gym. This system allows the building to be efficiently ventilated and heated by the sun at any possible and necessary moment. If the sun and the heat exchanger are not enough, electric heating can be used. We also restored […]

Auxiliary building in Vääna- Posti

Auxiliary building in Vääna- Posti The client wanted air circulation in the auxiliary building and passive heating to keep out moisture. We installed the internal ventilation ductwork so that the system takes warm air from the south through the SOL Fresh 65 air heating panel and cool air from the north. This ensures effective ventilation […]


Henhouses Every true chicken keeper knows that the happier the chicken, the tastier the eggs. Some chicken coops now have air heating panels, which provide these feathery friends with a nice summer breeze while they rest after wandering around. The chickens are well looked after, the owners are happy.

Piesta applefarm

Piesta applefarm The owner of the Farmers’ Market had a concern: when the sun comes out in summer, the room gets too warm because of the many windows. We installed a solar-electric panel on the roof of the building, which uses solar energy to power a cooling fan. The air enters the room through the […]

Kihlepa community centre

Kihlepa community centre The cellar of the Kihlepa community centre was fitted with a solar-air heating panel so that local residents could store their preserves there in winter. Previously, the cellar was too humid, but now the sun can do its job and create the right conditions for long-term storage.