Sol Fresh

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The aim of the solar air heating and ventilation panel is to reduce heating costs and improve indoor climate in buildings. They are solar-air heating collectors that support the ventilation of the building when the weather is sunny. The Premium version also works in overcast conditions. The products are designed for the ventilation and supplementary heating of buildings up to 150 m2.

The Sol Fresh range includes Basic and Premium products.

Sol Fresh Basic

Sol Fresh Basic products are room-based air heater collectors that are local and operate autonomously, without being connected to the mains. With simple controllers, the devices work in sunny weather and sparse cloud cover. This is the solution for you if you want to keep the air in the room circulating using only solar energy, but don’t need constant ventilation day and night, all year round. The equipment is maintenance-free and has no running costs. Suitable for the ventilation and supplementary heating of buildings of various sizes (40-100 m2). A good solution for smaller detached houses, cottages, apartment buildings, caravans, garages and country houses.

Sol Fresh Premium

Sol Fresh Premium products are grid-connected local ventilation solutions that maximise the use of solar energy. The units are equipped with an integrated heat exchanger for efficient ventilation on overcast days. Compared to the Sol Fresh Basic, Premium has three operating functions – heating, cooling and ventilation. The unit works on a room-by-room basis: fresh air is distributed to other rooms by natural air circulation. This is the right solution for you if you want year-round ventilation on a room-by-room basis. Solutions suitable for houses up to 150 m2.