We offer a comprehensive solution for your building. We can help you build a new house by integrating solar energy solutions at the design stage. Existing building systems can be upgraded with solar-powered solutions to help reduce costs and create an excellent indoor climate in homes and industrial buildings.

Our services include:

  • Consultation. We listen to your wishes and concerns. Whether it’s the need for more efficient ventilation, lower energy costs, extending the lifespan of a building, or the desire to build a new energy-efficient house, we can provide solutions to meet your needs. We involve different partners where necessary.
  • Indoor climate analysis We also offer remote indoor climate monitoring and analysis. If necessary, we will carry out an energy audit of an existing building, using on-site measurements or remote monitoring to determine the local energy production capacity and analyse the potential for solar energy. We measure humidity, air currents, temperature, CO2, volatile organic compounds in the air. Based on the measurements, we will propose an optimal energy solution that will also help improve the indoor climate.
  • Design. We will create a specific plan on how to successfully integrate the right solar solutions into your building. We will take into account the specifics of the building and approach each project individually, coordinating our solutions with existing technical installations and systems.

We can also create special designs for solar air heating panels to match the overall appearance of the building (for example, frames with special shapes and colours). In addition, we offer solutions for heritage-listed sites. If necessary, we can find a location for the panel slightly away from the house.

  • Installation and construction. . We can build ventilation, heating and cooling systems that work with solar energy, and/or install the necessary equipment in your building.
  • Maintenance. We can monitor your building’s energy use and indoor climate, and propose changes to make systems more energy efficient. We offer maintenance contracts for ventilation, heating and cooling systems, helping to optimise systems and save costs on a daily basis.

Possible components of a comprehensive solution:

  • Passive heating and cooling ventilation system with solar air heating panels
  • Heat pumps for heating and cooling
  • Solar electric panels (PV-photovoltaic)
  • Electric batteries
  • Heat accumulators
  • Electric car charger (with shelter)
  • Monitoring in cooperation with Calidity
  • Communication on the external network
  • Energy management

A healthy indoor climate

Productive waking hours and better sleep

An investment

Plus-energy ventilation solutions with a short payback period.

Environmental care

We maximise solar energy in building ventilation and energy solutions.