Factory buildings

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Pakri Industrial park

Pakri Industrial park In the Pakri Industrial Park, illuminated signage uses the sun to help generate heat and ventilate the building. It’s a good example of how illuminated advertising doesn’t have to be just a board on the wall that consumes electricity, but a useful cost-saving tool. The same technology can also be used on […]

Tallinn City Hall

Tallinn City Hall SOL Fresh 65 – electric There was a problem with humidity in the room and we decided to solve it with a SOL Fresh 65 Electric solar air heating panel. We used a 160 mm duct fan and the Danfoss ERC211 thermostat. We installed it on the roof frame. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0091.JPG

Forsten – facade

Forsten – facade We installed an autonomous ventilation system in the painting room of a timber factory in Jüri. The conditions for drying wood are now ideal, as there is a constant circulation of warm, dry air. The solution has kept the building at above zero degrees even in winter.

Ajaveski / Art center

Ajaveski / Art center The former mill Ajaveski in Harju County is a unique building that needed energy-efficient heating, ventilation and electricity to make it more welcoming to visitors and to extend the structural life of the building. This excitingly challenging site received a comprehensive solution for smart ventilation, which we will complement with appropriate […]